Galvanized perforated roller shutter doors provide economic and practical closures to small and large openings for shop-fronts and display areas. The roller shutter curtain consists of interlocking perforated galvanized steel lathes locked together by steel or plastic endlocks. The sides of the curtain are restrained by and run in rolled steel guide channels bolted or welded to 3mm thick rolled steel angle which is attached to the fabric of the building. Counterbalance spring mechanisms mounted in a roller ensures smooth operation,which is supported by mild steel end plates attached to the angle and guide supports this is all hidden in a galvanized steel housing.

‘Perforated shutters’ a combination of shutter and grille, which provides enhanced protection with visual appeal.Perforated Shutters significantly balance the demands of security and display as a result of combining the function of security within roller shutters but with an aesthetic exterior.Our perforated shutters can be fitted internally or externally, and can also protect areas like recessed doorways. Electrically operated, they roll tightly into a slim-line box, so that during opening hours they become almost invisible.

We at Santosh Rolling Shutter manufacture and supply a range of Perforated Steel Shutters ideal for shop fronts, retail, leisure and offices throughout the India. Additionally, these can also be supplied with a powder coated finish to achieve a stylish but secure finish to the shutters.